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How to Live Out One-ness in Marriage

I am so blessed to be featured today by the blog, Strong Marriages Matter! My guest post looks into the mandate for man and his wife to be “ONE FLESH,” and what it truly entails.

Please click the post title below to read the feature, and do feel free to comment and to share the post especially to couples you know!

How to Start the Year Right and Live Out One-Ness in Marriage


Love At First Meeting

I published this story here weeks ago, but I lost the post by accident while I was reformatting my blog. What a wonderful surprise to discover today that picked it up and posted it, too on their site!

iVolunteer Philippines

By: Pia Jingco

A child nhcm_logo.pngamed Dado captured my heart recently.

Last week I signed up for a volunteer opportunity that would involve tutoring kids, through the iVolunteerwebsite. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive on my way to the venue as I had not done this for quite a long time.

The ministry I selected, called He Cares Mission, runs a shelter in Quezon City and undertakes education, health, livelihood and spiritual initiatives among street children and their families. Upon arriving there I was greeted by a perky, smiling worker named Cathy, who handles (and by “handles,” as most fellow workers in nonprofit organizations would understand, I mean literally running the whole thing by herself) the “Back to School” program. I am yet to understand fully the mechanics and components of this program but among the efforts is providing tutorial support and motivation to out-of-school children in hopes of re-enrolling them as soon as…

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Re-Blog: 10 Small Changes that Add Up to Big Results

It’s the first month of the year, and gazillions of people (including me) are right now resolving to meet some form of weight-loss “goal.” Check out this post for tips that may help you!

Inspire the Best You

You may think that losing weight and getting healthy is this big, elusive, undertaking and super difficult to do… but it doesn’t have to be! You can make small changes that add up to big results! Check out and try some of these ideas:

  1. Challenge yourself to drink 8oz of water before eating dinner each evening: Not only does this help you get some water in and your hydration up, it also helps you feel full faster! Eight ounces really isn’t much to drink at once, yet has such a great impact.
  2. Eat one fruit or veggie at each big meal- breakfast, lunch, and dinner: Just take it one meal, one small choice, at a time! So at each meal, make sure you have a serving of fruit or vegetables. This makes it manageable and one serving isn’t as big of a deal. You’re adding in three servings of fruit…

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