What do we fear?

I just realized from a weekly discussion I’ve been having recently with a group of women that many people fear a looot of things. I’ve always known that fear of death is common, but I learned that people can be afraid of so many different situations, objects, and even animals that they can relate with death (case in point: “A mosquito is such a tiny thing but it can actually kill me!”). I’ve heard of all sorts of phobia but it was only in the last months that some of them became real to me, as I heard real people share how difficult it was for them to deal with all these fears.

In one conversation (with another group of people), everyone around the table laughed when I said my fear was the prospect of having a ghost appear right in front of me — not that I feared ghosts per se, but I was afraid of the actual instant that I would see a ghost. I guess I watched too many horror movies in my childhood! So anyway someone pointed out that it was not a valid answer (we were taking turns sharing our fears/phobias), of course everyone would dread seeing a ghost…but I could not think of anything else!

I do not like, no, I hate cockroaches and rats and mice because they’re utterly gross, but I’m not exactly scared of them. Truth is, no matter how I try I’m unable to think of a phobia, or of any physical object that I fear.

This would be corny, but the one thing I used to be anxious about, in all honesty, is the possibility of rejection. But God has been delivering me from that, whew! At a deeper level, I suppose what I am most afraid of is the likelihood of not finishing well. What if I get to the end of my life not accomplishing the purposes that God has appointed for me? After all, many spiritual leaders have ended up falling and failing.

I pray that I will just depend on His grace moment by moment, so that this fear would never come to fruition. He is good. He is sovereign. May it be that in Him I will trust, and Him I will obey, every day of my life until I see Him face to face!

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:6)

3 thoughts on “What do we fear?

  1. That’s a great promise that we will never be alone on our way to the finish line. This concept of grace is something that I am struggling to accept, but I always remember that’s just the way God really is. Thank you!

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