A Story in Five Minutes

I’m a day late, but I’ve decided to revive Taste & See with 31 Days of Five-Minute Free Writes. Taking a deep breath and committing: I. WILL. COMPLETE. THIS.


So today I am attempting to write a five-minute synopsis of my journey with the Lord. Possible? Go.

I grew up with a self-sufficient mindset, developed through years of looking after myself and thriving from a dysfunctional family background. By the time I had my first life-changing encounter with the Lord, at age 22, I had already tried a lot of damaging things, but my acceptance of His salvation and my gratitude for all that He had done for me did not lead me to full surrender to His Lordship — not until ten years later. It was when my marriage with the man who had led me to Jesus in the first place started crumbling that I came to realize there were some things I just could not handle or fix on my own. This was also when it finally sank in to me: my completeness and sufficiency can only be in Christ alone.

When I did finally learn what it truly meant to surrender my all in all to the Lord, He began changing me inside out. He resurrected my marriage and gave me and my husband a hunger to live our lives knowing Him, depending on Him and serving Him. For the past nine years I have been discipling other women, and my husband and I have been weathering storms that we know we can never take on with perseverance and joy apart from the Lord.

Stop. Okay, I will admit, that took ten minutes. Oops.

Tomorrow I hope I’ll do a bit better! 🙂


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