to detox or not to detox (from Facebook)

This post is two years old, and I just had to resurrect it as I’ve been catching myself getting out of control again with my social media use.

How relevant is this to you?

taste & see!


I discovered Facebook in August 2007. I was at the University of Connecticut for a forum organized by the UNESCO Chair and Institute of Comparative Human Rights, and while discussing next steps one of the facilitators asked, “You all have Facebook, right?” Within a couple of days I was “poking” and picking “food fights” with friends (yes, kids, those were Facebook’s sophisticated features back then).

So yeah, it’s been more than eight years, and I suppose it’s time for me to evaluate what’s been great and not so great about Facebook as far as my experience (as well as my awareness of others’ experiences) is concerned. Let’s see…

The Good

  1. The most obvious benefit of Facebook is how it has allowed me to connect and/or reconnect with people, from old classmates and colleagues to my family overseas.
  2. Facebook has been a platform for me to share about my faith and to share material…

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4 thoughts on “to detox or not to detox (from Facebook)

  1. Thank you, too, for visiting my blog!
    I agree with your comment, but I think I should’ve ended this post with, “so help me God,” the struggle is real everyday 😀 It’s a real practice in self-discipline and purposefulness.


  2. Social media detox. Ive found that too much social media aka fb can veer u away from focusing on personal growth. I wish u the best. Thanks btw for the follow 😊


  3. Yeah I think thats how it is with social media. There are ups and downs about them and we as believers have an opportunity to use them to share our faith and also be examples by not sharing drama and staying positive as well.

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