Shared Suffering Builds Close Community

How very real this is. Please read through to the end. (This is a re-blog.)

Equipped for Mercy

Article originally published on Her View From Home:

Common suffering has a unique way of building community.

It starts with those small and inconsequential struggles. Two moms with tantruming toddlers throw sympathetic smiles to each other at the park. A knowing glance is cast when the woman in the checkout line buys chocolate, ice cream, tampons, and Advil. There’s a collective groan at the airport when a group of people realizes their flight was delayed.

But when the shared struggles go deeper, the bond grows stronger. It happens when we share a similar diagnosis, have children with similar special needs, have been betrayed in similar ways, or have suffered a similar loss. I had a miscarriage in between my two sons, and I remember acutely the tribe of mothers who surrounded me, offering words of wisdom, encouragement, and empathy. They too had lost babies, so when they drew close…

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