The TGIM Weekly Challenge: Do not grow weary!

Join me in changing things up and welcoming Mondays with enthusiasm!

How it works: 

  1.  Write a post on why you can say, “Thank God, It’s Monday!” – on your respective blogs, or on your social media accounts.
  2.  Share a link to your post in the comments section below.
  3.  On my next Monday’s post, I will include the links that you shared so that we can all encourage one another with our happy vibes! Sounds good?

I want to say thank you to the following women who participated in the challenge last Monday:


Edith Ohaja


I’m still praying for this campaign to take off; I know it’s quite a challenge to lift people’s spirits up on Monday, but I also know that sowing seeds of thankfulness and positivity is worth the time and the effort.


So what have I to savor this Monday for? Let’s see:

First, this week I’m taking a few days to set aside extra time to focus on God. This means getting off a number of things that distract me — including (of course) Facebook, and even blogging! I’m looking forward to how He will speak to me during this period.

Second, my busy season at work officially starts this week! And work = productivity + opportunity to labor excellently for the Lord + provision + opportunity to depend on the Lord for strength and wisdom, so yay!

Third, this week, I’m also setting aside extra time to pray for others. This, admittedly, is one area of weakness in my spiritual life, and so I thank God for His reminder that “prayer is the greater work” (Oswald Chambers).


Your turn! What reasons do you have to thank God for this Monday? Eager to see your blog links/comments.

Be blessed!

7 thoughts on “The TGIM Weekly Challenge: Do not grow weary!

  1. I’m trying to do a post on Friday focused on gratitudes – so maybe one on Monday with the same focus would make for the perfect bookends for my week! Thanks for sharing . . . and for the idea!

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  2. I love this idea! So glad I found it! I’m grateful I had 2 interviews on this Monday! Monday’s mean new possibilities for the week. New beginnings are God’s forte, so he reminds us by giving us new beginnings every week.

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  3. This past weekend was full of some very difficult things! This morning the Lord put this exact verse into my heart (Gal 6:9) “Do not grow weary in doing good…” So today, this Monday, I am thankful that his mercies are new every morning, and that I can start this week with his strength to not grow weary in doing good. Thanks for the perspective shifting post!

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