The TGIM Weekly Challenge

How it works: 

Every Monday I will publish a TGIM post and invite you to do the same – write about why you can say, “Thank God, It’s Monday!” – on your respective blogs/social media accounts. Share a link to your post in the comments section; then, on my next Monday’s post, I will include the links that you shared so that we can all encourage one another with our happy vibes! Sounds good?

Last week, ladyleemanila shared her happy Monday feels post. Here it is:

And here’s my post for today —

This morning I woke up at 3:00 AM with a scratchy throat, and the feeling that I might actually get sick today, after months of successfully fighting off illness (by God’s grace!). Then, one of those rubber thingies that hold my eyeglasses on my nose broke, humphh! Still, I knew I should look forward to the rest of this Monday. As this hotel bathroom door art says,



So here are five things I’m thankful for today:

  1. I’m able to support the hubby in dialysis this morning.
  2. It’s the first work day of our new fiscal year, and I’m spending the afternoon catching up with colleagues and planning with my boss.
  3. I came from a great weekend that had me spending time with family and friends, including a late catch-up call last night with my sister in the US!
  4. Yesterday I got to listen to a sobering message at church about addictions, which impressed upon me again the all-sufficiency of Christ, made me pray for people, and also got me more conscious of the excessive time I spend online. Today I’m re-committing to cutting down this time considerably and spending more time on things with eternal value.
  5. Today marks one week since I reduced my rice intake to almost zero. Yay, discipline, and yay to a healthier me! 😀

What about you? What reasons do you have to thank God for this Monday? I’ll wait for your blog links/comments.

Be blessed!









9 thoughts on “The TGIM Weekly Challenge

  1. I am thankful to take a long morning to make stuff for others. I am also thankful that Peter is getting off work early today!

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  2. So many things to be thankful for! Our AC decided to act up Sunday evening. We thought for sure we’d have to have a little sleep over at my in-laws (which would have been fine) but to our surprise we were able to get a guy out to our house at 10pm on SUNDAY night! We were so grateful! And on top of that it didn’t cost near as much as we thought it might!

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