The TGIM Weekly Challenge: Shall it rain?

This is a reboot of the TGIM weekly event. 

How it works: 

Every Monday I will publish a TGIM post and invite you to do the same – write about why you can say, “Thank God, It’s Monday!” – on your respective blogs/social media accounts. Share a link to your post in the comments section; then, on my next Monday’s post, I will include the links that you shared so that we can all encourage one another with our happy vibes! Sounds good?

Now here’s my post for this Monday:

Over the last couple of weeks my husband and I have had a strange preoccupation: Checking the skies regularly and and praying for rain to come. Why so? My sister-in-law went out of town and have left us with the responsibility of watering her plants at least every other day. We being downright lazy, we have just been begging God for rain everyday to save us the effort of fulfilling this errand!

So yeah, basically we’ve just been countering children’s prayers all over the metro (Rain, rain, go away, come again another day, little Mary wants to play!”), and we’ve mostly been on the winning side, too, June being the start of rainy season in the Philippines. Sorry, kids!

On Saturday, for example, our schedule was full because the hubby had to go to dialysis, then we had a wedding to attend. It was late afternoon by the time we arrived at the  wedding reception. Upon parking, we were thrilled to find water heavily streaming down the entrance to the hotel basement. Hallelujah!

We are obviously quite easy to make happy. Over the years we’ve been learning the art of finding joy in the mundane: cups of coffee, carinderia (street-side eatery) food, watching babies, grocery shopping…and yes, wishing for a bit of rain everyday. God has also been teaching us to simplify our lives, even when looking at the bigger picture and considering such things as life direction and goals.

Very early this morning we got to thinking about God’s wisdom for our ministry. We ended up boiling it down to the basics — the simplest. yet also the hardest (i.e., the most challenging) way to go: To love God, and to love others. To love the Lord is to pursue Him persistently, passionately, devotedly, and to love others is to do the same. And we figured, that is how we are to grow our ministry. We have to keep growing in our love, and all else will follow.

Anyway, going back to our plant-watering chore. We decided to check on my sister-in-law’s plants anyway even though it had been raining at least every other day, because we thought it might be possible that some of the plants were not reached by water for whatever reason. True enough, some of the pots were partially covered by a roof and had apparently been missing water for several days–the leaves had become crunchy! In full panic mode we did our job and made sure that each plant was re-hydrated. I was even talking to some of them: “You have to live, okay?”

So I’m starting this week bearing an insight from the weekend: I can keep wishing for rain and hoping for the best to happen to those plants, or I can make the effort to be intentional in watering them. Quite connected to our conversation about ministry, isn’t it? We can keep praying to God to bring us people and/or to make the people He’d brought into our lives grow in their spiritual walk, or we can be willing to be inconvenienced to make sure they are nurtured and loved in the Lord.

It’s up to me to make the choice everyday.

And how’s your Monday?

Feel free to write your own TGIM blog or social media entry, and comment below with a link to your post. If you wish, you may also post your story/insight/inspiration straight below.

Be blessed!

Note: I’m using the prompt, “rain/rein/reign” from Stream of Consciousness Saturday 🙂


7 thoughts on “The TGIM Weekly Challenge: Shall it rain?

  1. I am one with you in wishing for the rains to come! I love watching the plants and trees being refreshed after the rain, plus I don’t need to manually clean my window panes because the rain doea the job so well. 🙂

    True enough, when we simplify our lives we focus on what really matters, and we learn to find joy even in the mundane.

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  2. Hello, Kababayan! You are so right! After all, the Great Commandment can be summed up as: Love God, Love Others.
    So glad to meet a sister with the same heart. God bless you, too!


  3. Hello Kababayan! It’s a pleasure to meet another woman of God from our beautiful country. Great post! I agree. And also, sharing the gospel is not the end of our commitment as disciples of Jesus. He commands us to love our brothers and sisters and share with each other’s burdens even if it means denying ourselves of comfort and convenience.
    God Bless!

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