Welcoming Mid-Life with Wide, Open Arms (and fluffy pink ears)


Recognize this 80’s cutie? She’s my absolute favorite, and the hubby remembered 🙂

I had a My Melody-themed 40th birthday surprise party last weekend, barely ten hours after my husband was discharged from hospital.

The above sentence looks like it should be cut into several parts, each ending in an exclamation point, don’t you think? True story, though.

Mid-day on February 1st, I drove the hubby to the emergency room for a painful swelling on his leg. Six hours later, he was in the operating room, undergoing surgery for cellulitis. All in all we had to stay in hospital for 10 eventful days, making friends with at least 8 attending physicians and a dozen residents. It was another episode that put on display God’s faithfulness and sovereignty. We were, as always, in awe all through the experience.

As it turned out, the hubby had been conspiring with friends, church mates and family the whole time we were confined. I still cannot wrap my head around how he managed to do that, considering I left the hospital only once (to attend a class) over the entire period. Anyway, we were given discharge orders at 6pm on February 10th, and finally got home at around 1:30 AM, February 11th. By 11:15 AM, I was walking into my surprise birthday party. Wild.


To the very dear people in my life who worked to make this happen, know that I will not forget this. Thank you for your love.

Thank you, too, for celebrating with me as I enter this new season in my life, and for helping me be reminded to keep seeing life with child-like eyes full of wonder and hope. I must admit that I tend to forget, especially when I look around at what goes on in our world today.

I’m actually filled with excitement over what the next years have in store. God has been so good to me all my life: molding me, pruning me, teaching me about love and genuine joy. I know that He will continue doing all these and more. There is so much more learning and changing for me to do.

May Your will, Lord, not mine, be done in all that still remains of my life in this world. Amen!


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