My Word of the Year: PAUSE

I started a conference call at 11:00 P.M. last night. The person leading the meeting from the other side of the world expressed that she felt bad for me, but also that she was glad I could at least sleep in the following morning since it would be Saturday.

Funny how my mind totally blanked for a few seconds upon hearing the remark. It was as if she was talking to me in an alien language. When I recovered a bit, I could only flatly reply, “That does not happen.”

Over the last few years it has just become a daily routine for me to get up very early in the morning — 6AM at the latest, but sometimes as early as 3 — and to be up and running right away, all day until around midnight or even an hour or two later. Part of it is necessity, such as when we need to go to my husband’s medical treatment. Hugely, though, I think it has just become a bad habit.

I would spend time working and writing, and when there is nothing urgent left for me to attend to I would go online and contact friends looking for additional stuff to do. Sometimes it’s freelance writing, other times it’s volunteering or just anything that would interest me and I could get my hands into.

What I have might just be an addiction to busy-ness.

And I have to do something about it.

So for the first time, I have decided to identify my personal word for the year:


I have to be deliberate in pursuing pauses in my daily walk.

I have to be consistent with my quiet time. I have to slow down to enjoy God’s presence in my life.

He makes me lie down in green pastures.

He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.

– Psalm 23:2-3

I’ll be taking time and effort in the next days to trim off my life’s clutter. “Major on the major,” as what my pastor says. After all, as I’ve said in my first post of the year, there is nothing that I look forward to more than His very presence.

I stand in joyful expectation, eager for what God will reveal to me and the intimacy I will share with Him, as I take more and longer pauses this year just to focus on Him.


22 thoughts on “My Word of the Year: PAUSE

  1. Oh I love just staring out into an open field and being amazed at God’s creative power. Pausing also means, for me, being able to just commune with God through prayer and studying of His word.


  2. I love it! Sometimes I get so anxious that time is passing me by. Lately I’ve had to stop and take a deep breath. Constantly reminding myself to live in the moment.

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  3. A lot of women do like to stay busy. I do think more of us need to pause much more often, reflect, and take a break once in a while. I have been trying to do that a bit more lately. I’ve been going full steam ahead too much and that isn’t good in the long run.

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  4. I actually just wrote on a similar subject for my latest blog post. It’s about the downfall of not having proper leadership training or discipleship as a church leader. If you get a moment check it out on my blog. It’s received great feedback.

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  5. I know what you mean. I just “retired” to devote time to creative pursuits and I’m busier than ever, but I love it when I pause and breathe and observe the beauty of nature or how my body wants to stretch. I wonder what happens when you pause, when you are still and observe. Thanks for the reminder to take those moments.

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  6. Pause is a huge word we must allow ourselves to ad hear to! There’s no shortage of things to do. Sometimes life takes a turn. But to remind ourselves to stop and pause, especially to be alone with God, revives us! Thanks for sharing.

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