I have just officially enrolled as a postgraduate student and begun my journey toward a Doctor of Social Development degree. So help me God!

Here’s my geeky confession: in spite of my not-so-stellar track record as a student, I really, really love going to school. And I’m looking forward to four more years in this place:

The University of the Philippines – Diliman Campus

I’m eager to be back in the classroom and to pore over journals, write papers and engage in lengthy discussions with my professors and peers. I’m excited about spending time in the library. I can’t wait to walk and jog around the Academic Oval, and to sit on the grass at the Sunken Garden to read my books or just watch kids play football.

At the same time, I recognize that this will be a challenging time. In the Philippines, we say this to people who take on daunting tasks or make risky decisions: “Para kang kumuha ng batong ipupukpok sa ulo mo.” Roughly translated: “You seem to have picked up a rock to pummel your own head with.” Ouch!

I know I will have to depend on God’s grace to see this through. I will also need to remind myself constantly why I am doing this (apart from what I said above about loving school):

I want to become a competent teacher.

Yes, I see myself taking part in inspiring and preparing future development workers for this far-from-easy vocation. (I was about to say “molding,” but then I know that aspiring development workers and even, or perhaps more so those of us who are already working, are not supposed to be “molded,” but continually exposed, provoked, humbled, challenged and affirmed.) I’ve actually been told that I am quite old to be embarking on a teaching career only now (I turn 40 next month), but if this is God’s perfect time for me, I have no complaints.

So I am anticipating being stretched in several ways in the next four years. Anytime you feel like throwing me a piece of encouragement, that would be very much welcome!

Are you starting a personal project or major undertaking this year? Do share! Maybe we can even support each other 🙂




8 thoughts on “A NEW CHAPTER BEGINS

  1. Nice one ate Pia! Ano bang BS and MS background mo? Hindi ko pa tinatapos MS Envi Sci ko. haha Wala pa akong inspirasyon na tapusin. LOL! Thesis and Compre Exam na lang ako.


  2. Oh wow, those are huge milestones! Praying for you!
    And thank you for the advice. Yes, I need to cherish each day and be sensitive (and obedient!) to His leading!


  3. Well, that’s very exciting!! I wish you all the very best on your new adventure. My advice would be to enjoy each day and let God lead because His lead is always more exciting(And scary) than where we get to on our own!! This year I’m going to finish and hopefully publish my first book and I’m moving back to NYC, which is a HUGE deal for me (Very scary, very God-led). God bless!

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  4. How absolutely exciting! I hear your enthusiasm jumping through the computer! It feels like a real stepping out in faith from God’s call for you!! You will bless many! My blog today is about walking on water in whatever God call us to do! You are a prime example of doing just this! Bless you in this! I love school too! Visiting from Christian Bloggers Unite today!

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