Thank God, It’s Monday! — Week of January 2nd 2017: What I am looking forward to this year

I have heard enough of how bad the previous year has been and of how 2016 will become a year we do not speak of in history class. We did have innumerable heartbreaks last year, that is true, but we also had countless opportunities to see and do good, to recognize and convey hope. We only had to look hard enough and to act.

I have no doubt that such opportunities will continue to abound this year. The question is, shall we be keen on seizing them?

At the turn of the year, one thought kept running in my head: 2017 WILL BE A YEAR OF MILESTONES.

For one, I am turning forty. The big 4-0. Mid-life, as it has come to be known. The hubby and I are also embarking on a huge new chapter in our eventful journey together: God-willing, we will become parents this year! Plus I am going back to school to get started on my doctorate. And, I think I’ll finally get to running semi-regularly (Okay, this one’s a resolution-in-progress). AND, AND the big one: I know that by God’s grace, the hubby will be moving closer and closer to total healing.

So much to look forward to, yes?

Inevitably, though, I know this year will also be one of numerous challenges.

And distractions.

And reasons to feel sad, angry, disappointed, devastated, lost and in despair.

Things will happen in my personal life, and in my country, and around the world, that will make me want to throw in the towel.

Still, there is THE ONE THING that I will keep looking forward to, day after day, throughout this year and the years to come:



This is also the one thing that will keep me focused on the things that matter the most, following the bottomline resolutions that I drafted for my life a couple of years back:


So yeah, I am quite excited about this year. I know that as God does His part, I need only to believe Him and do my part–resting on His sovereignty and depending upon His perfect grace.

And things far exceedingly beyond all that I can even dream of or imagine will just unfold before my very eyes.


17 thoughts on “Thank God, It’s Monday! — Week of January 2nd 2017: What I am looking forward to this year

  1. We can get quite focused on “I” and my resolutions. That can lead to emotional difficulties when I don’t meet my own standards. Where is the space to forgive myself? Where is the space to be a human being – not merely a human doing?

    Christmas blessings


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  2. Ah, true. Thank you for this reminder. This is partly why I write. Apart from the times (which are not nearly enough) spent just relishing His presence and pondering His word, my blogging and journaling sessions force me to take the pauses I need to process the things that are going on in my life.


  3. The big 4-0. It was a great year for me (I’ll be 45 this year) There had been things I’d held onto for far too long, and at the beginning of that year, God showed me the scripture where He told the Israelites that it was time to turn north…..and I realized the connection….they wandered for 40 years. I had held onto something far too long, and I had to turn north! Best wishes for the year!

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  4. Happy New Year, Pia! Yeah, keep that ‘fire’ burning. HE is able to complete what HE had started in our lives, for HE is faithful. Agreeing with you in prayers 🙂


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