Reblogging: Why December 5 is Important to Me

There are people in my life, some very close to me, who struggle with physical, emotional and mental challenges. They are at different stages of journeying with the Lord, and witnessing their ups and downs has always pointed me to His sovereignty and faithfulness.

I do not personally know the young woman in the post below, but her sister’s testimony about her has hit close to home and touched my heart. I praise the Lord for her life! Do read and be inspired.

Joanna Alonzo | Author

I originally planned to make my book available for pre-order today. December 5. Due to wisdom and logic and Divine intervention, I decided to wait, but I wanted to share anyway why I chose December 5. You see… December 5 is a very important day to me and my family.


It’s because of this lovely young woman:


This is my little sister, Janna. She first became a part of our household on December 5, 2000. She was 1 year and 9 months old at that time. Because we didn’t know when her birthday was at first, we decided that we were going to celebrate December 5 as her birthday.

We eventually found out what her real birthday was (March 22), but every year, on December 5, I still greet her a Happy Fake Birthday.


My sister is going to turn eighteen soon, and at her young age, she’s…

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