Tourin’ Snoozin’

The hubby and I are on Day 2 of our 3-day Bangkok holiday, and it has so far been a pretty cheery, light-hearted, uber-relaxed vacation. Sleeping in, strolling and street food experimenting, sitting at a quiet restaurant with the most savory dishes I have had, bar none…what else can one ask for?

Oh, and this whole trip was a present, by the way. What a bonus this is that you’ve blessed us with, Lord!

We go on a half-day city tour today. This is my fourth time in Bangkok but this is actually the first time I’m here with no official business to attend to, so I am eager for the time to do the touristy stuff. Will be posting photos later.

For now, here’s some of the stuff we’ve been enjoying. My apologies for the half-finished plates/bowls 😛

Tom Yum Soup, Chicken Salad and Pad Thai.
Sausages and Mussels

Mmm, mmm!!!


Here are some photos I took from the few hours of touring today (aaaand now we’re back to sleeping in):

A monk and his smartphone
Banking at the temple premises


Buddha images


The marble temple, with intricate, handmade details

One of the countless tributes to Thailand’s beloved King, who recently passed away

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