Thank God, It’s Monday! — Week of October 31st 2016

I’m at a huge campsite in Orlando, Florida, where the sun rises at 7:30 A.M. (photo of that to follow; it’s actually just nearing midnight of Sunday here but my mind’s in Manila where it’s Monday morning) and there are huge, gorgeous lakes that I would never think of dipping my toes into for fear of being dragged into the water by giant crocs. Good morning!

View of Lake Yale (note how far I am from it…so scared of the crocs!)

It’s a long holiday weekend in the Philippines and I feel quite bad that I’m not spending it with my family, but I can’t complain of this blessing I’ve been given to be in this beautiful place, meeting and working with beautiful brothers and sisters in God’s ministry to children. The event is a Global Children’s Forum gathering, and the theme is:

Children everywhere walking with Jesus

Now how can one not be thankful for the opportunity to be here, to hear from leaders engaged in direct work to, for and with children around the world, on how children are being reached and can still be reached for the Lord and raised to be active participants in kingdom work? It’s bound to be one blessed week.

It doesn’t hurt, too, that there is wi-fi connection in my room and I am able to chat with the hubby. I do miss him so!

In a few hours I’m looking forward to an early morning jog — a chance to explore this place more and to commune with my God. I think I’m also bound to make a few puny friends along the way; there are squirrels all around here! 🙂


And how’s your Monday? What have you to be thankful for today?

Feel free to write your own TGIM blog or Facebook status, and comment below with a link to your post. If you wish, you may also post your story/insight/inspiration straight below.

Have a blessed week!



6 thoughts on “Thank God, It’s Monday! — Week of October 31st 2016

  1. It’s so hard to miss those who holds our hearts! May the Lord continues to bless you with strength!!


  2. Wow now that is a thankful heart! you have plenty of reasons to be sad today but instead you are choosing joy in Him and to be thankful.
    Encouraging post!


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