Thank God, It’s Monday! — Week of June 6th 2016

I’m still having trouble remembering to date my notes 2016 instead of 2015, and would you believe it, it’s nearing the middle of the year?!

I have a lot to be thankful for today. First off, I’m coming from a lovely weekend with family. And with family I’m referring not just to my hubby and parents, but also to my awesome spiritual family: my discipleship group!

dgroup june 2016
How can anyone not love these people? Heehee! (credits to Rhea Angeline for this photo.)

We decided to hold a surprise baby shower for two sisters who are giving birth in a matter of days, and the party turned out to be such a memorable time of fellowship (not to mention loads of side-splitting laughter). What a blessing it is to be able to share special life episodes like the arrival of children (Though we missed a number of people who couldn’t come)!*

My parents, meanwhile, came back from a week of Southern Luzon exploration — These two kids are on an adventure, see, figuring out where to spend their next decades together 🙂 So anyway yesterday we had a blessed Sabbath, going to church and then spending a leisurely afternoon around UP Diliman. One highlight of the afternoon is the legendary Razon’s halo-halo indulgence, which made my mom really happy. To cap the evening much later, we squeezed together into our tiny TV room and watched Man on Steel on DVD. Family time is ❤️

Today I started the morning early air-frying tofu and heating mom’s Chinese humba for breakfast (I know, what a combo, right? But the hubby’s hunch resulted in a delightful meal, I swear!). There’s much work and life stuff to do, but I am aware of God’s presence and am energized by it. I only pray that I will glorify Him in my every activity, every conversation, every response and even every thought, today and for the rest of the week. May I humbly depend upon His grace and obey His instructions.

And how’s your Monday? What have you to be thankful for today? Feel free to write your own TGIM post on your blog or FB page, and comment below with a link to said post. Or, if you wish, post your story/insight straight below.

Have a blessed week!

*In the same vein, it’s also a huge blessing to share burdens with brethren. The last few days there have been opportunities to do just that. May God cause me this week to be even more sensitive to listen, willing pray and available to encourage.

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