Thank God, It’s Monday! — Week of May 30th 2016

The sky was crazy-overcast all day. My left wrist is hurting so badly (must’ve pinched a muscle in my sleep) that I need to make do with one good hand. But I say it’s been a good, blessed Monday!

I was productive at work (met with my boss for the first time in weeks), I got to do a few errands with the hubby, and I received wonderful news from a couple of my discipleship group sisters. Plus (okay, this point’s quite trivial, but of practical benefit), these discounted Grab Car rides are quite awesome — traveled from Pasig to Greenhills this afternoon for just 85 pesos!

My boss also gave me another push today in relation to my desire to go back to school and start pursuing postgraduate studies. She even gave me dissertation ideas. She’s just so encouraging, I feel awfully blessed.

Now for something geeky: I enrolled in a MOOC (or Massive Open Online Course) on the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez post-One Hundred Years of Solitude! The only problem is, I don’t have ready access to the different works in the reading list, save a few. For example, The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Eréndira and Her Heartless Grandmother is the first book on the list and we’re taking it up this week, but only printed copies are available on Amazon. I think I may be on to something on Scribd, but I’ve been encountering subscription and download issues. Oh, me and my dweeby problems…

And how’s your Monday? Feel free to write your own TGIM post on your blog or FB page, and comment below with a link to said post. Or, if you wish, post your story/insight straight below.

Have a blessed week!


4 thoughts on “Thank God, It’s Monday! — Week of May 30th 2016

  1. I realized I never got to reply to your comment (I was inactive for months!), I’m so sorry! Anyway, I’m hoping to push through with postgrad studies in social development… Medyo suspense kasi deadline ng application this week 🙂 Thank you for your prayers, and let me know should you also continue with your plans to go back to school!


  2. What course are you planning to pursue in the graduate school? It has also been my desire for quite some time now to go back to school, but I’m being held back by some practical reasons (family responsibility, financial resources, work commitments, etc.)

    And now that UP in BGC is opening soon, the idea is getting even more irresistible. (It’s very close to where I’m boarding.)

    I invoke prayers and blessings for us to push this through. God bless you!


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