All good

All good vibes this weekend!

First, on the national elections: LENI ROBREDO IS OUR VP!!! The last man standing is a woman! To be perfectly honest I still feel devastated that we actually almost elected Bongbong Marcos. But never mind that for now. MY VP won. It’s another victory for the good.

Second, I’m just feeling very grateful to God right now for my discipleship group in church. So many life challenges, lots of tears — yet it’s just awesome how God has been allowing us to share in one another’s lives, and how He very clearly works in each person. As I’ve told them before, it’s like having front-row seats at God’s magnificent show, witnessing first-hand how He transforms hearts and lives by His mighty grace, incomparable love and unshakeable sovereignty. Plus, what a joy it is just to be in fellowship with brethren!

Third, I’m running again! Little by little, I’m mustering more will power just to get up and run. My muscles are aching, but in a really good way. Tomorrow I’m doing a 5K fun run, weeee! Maybe, if I keep this up I can be ready for 21K by my next birthday. So help me, Lord!

Lastly, tomorrow is Sunday, so yay, Sabbath! Major bonding time with family, too, as we all go on an out of town day trip. Fun, fun!

Oh, what a lovely weekend indeed! 🙂



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