Thank God, It’s Monday! – 25 April 2016

I haven’t been in the best mood today. It’s that time of the month, see. (Oops. Over-sharing! Pardon me!)

Still, I’m thankful for this Monday because it’s another day, another week, another chance I’ve been given to live meaningfully.

I feel I’ve been doing so badly at work in the last weeks, months even, but today presents another window for me to do better. I am, in fact, deciding to do better, but I know I need grace to make it happen.

This week, too, I’m carrying a verse I heard yesterday at church, a prayer that I feel has special relevance during this period of so much divisiveness among Filipinos and so much vile being spewed all around:

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. (Psalm 19:14)

One thing I am thankful for these days is how I’ve been able to go through the process of making informed choices for the candidates I am voting for president and vice president of my country come May 9th. It took a lot of effort to do research and even more work to weigh things and critically assess the candidates according to platform, track record and apparent alignment with my personal views and values, but my vote is my duty, my accountability, and I would not take it lightly.

What I’m even more thankful for is how people in my circle have been respectful of my decision, or have at least not bashed me up front (yet) (haha). Perhaps they know that I will never disrespect them for their choices, either. I’m also praying that I’m contributing, even if just a teeny-weeny, microscopic bit, and even if only in my teeny-weeny, microscopic circle of influence, to raising the level of the election discourse, especially in social media, beyond memes, emotional outbursts and tirades.

Anyway, with two weeks to go before the national elections I have to get busy now completing my list of senators. Will be posting my progress in the next days.

I’m excited for the days to come, even though they’re full of uncertainty. God is in control!


And how’s your Monday? Feel free to write your own TGIM post on your blog or FB page, and comment below with a link to said post. Or, if you wish, post your story/insight straight below.

Have a blessed week!


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