PH Elections 2016: Track Record – Grace Poe*

NOTE: I gathered the following information from various sites featuring this candidate. If you wish to see something shorter (albeit containing limited info), GMA Network has a brief summary of the track record of all the candidates, which you can find by clicking here. The Philippine Star also has detailed profiles for each candidate, and you’ll find their feature on Poe here.

MTRCB Chairperson (2010-2013)

In 2010 Poe was appointed chairperson of the MTRCB, where she reformed the ratings system towards “intelligent media viewing” instead of “censorship”. During her term, the MTRCB revised its classification system for TV and movies to take into account the different levels of maturity of young audiences.

Grace Poe also organized the first-ever “Child and Family Summit” and initiated inter-agency cooperation between MTRCB and DOLE, DepED, DSWD, Council on the Welfare of Children and NCCA to protect child actors and young viewers. In partnership with the LTFRB, she launched a campaign to crack down on buses and other PUVs that show age-inappropriate movies. Poe also entered into a MOA with KBP to strengthen selfregulation mechanisms within the ranks of media. Although the MTRCB suffered from budget cuts during her incumbency, this did not prevent Poe from pursuing various reform initiatives and programs including fiscal responsibility. Under her hands-on leadership, the agency consistently surpassed its revenue collection targets and even encourage the creation of new cinematic output through the reduction of its review fees.

Early on, Poe saw the promise of “indie films” and worked towards providing independent cinema with the necessary institutional support for its continued advancement and viability. The agency granted 70% discounts on its review fees and provided a “preferential review schedule” to qualified “indie” film projects. MTRCB likewise extended financial assistance and help generate media exposure for selected independent films.

Senator (2013-)

She ran for a seat in the Senate in 2013, garnering the highest number of votes (20,337,327 votes) in Philippine election history. She became the first female Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs. She also chairs the Committee on Public Information and Mass Media and the Sub-Committee on Public Services (on Transport Issues). Senator Poe is also the Vice-Chair of the Committees on Agriculture and Food and Electoral Reforms and People’s Participation.

As the chairperson of the Committee on Public Information and Mass Media, she championed the passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, which was approved on third reading by the Senate on March 10. She believes that the attainment of a just, progressive and lasting peace in the country greatly depends upon the free flow of information to the public.

Senator Grace Poe has filed 198 pieces of legislation (68 bills and 130 resolutions) covering issues like social justice, child nutrition, industrial competitiveness, ecological protection, government modernization and professionalisation, and graft and corruption. Two of her legislative initiatives are now part of the country’s statute books:

  • RA 10649, an amendatory law of the Dangerous Drugs Act, enable the government to go after big-time drug pushers;
  • RA 10639 which mandates telecommunication companies to send free disaster and calamity alerts to citizens and subscribers to promote disaster preparedness and reduce risks during calamities.

One of the first bills she filed in the Senate was the Free Lunch Program which seeks to provide free lunch to malnourished children in all public schools nationwide. True to her “showbiz” roots, Poe has also filed a bill promoting Film Tourism that aims to make the Philippines into a major shooting destination for international films.

In her first year as a Senator of the Republic, Senator Grace shepherded the approval of the Peoples’ Freedom of Information Act in the Upper Chamber. She also made her mark during the plenary debates and committee investigations on the Napoles PDAF Scam and PNP-Werfast Deal. Her privilege speeches on child malnutrition and the “Hello Garci” scandal served as a clarion call for government to step-up efforts against hunger and election fraud. Her expert handling and unbiased report on the Mamasapano hearings earned her accolades for her and independence and incisiveness.

The infographic below, developed by the New Media for Social Change Project, shows highlights of Poe’s legislative career.

poe laws

*Sources not cited above:
Senate of the Philippines



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