PH Elections 2016: Platforms

Last week I began my research on the candidates for the top posts of the land with this post, followed by this yesterday. Now I am focusing on the candidates’ respective platforms, based on materials/links that I was able to gather online. [Note: if you have access to other related documents, especially those that were officially released by the candidates, kindly post in the comments to improve the helpfulness of this post.]

1.  Jojo BinayThis was the most comprehensive platform-related article that I found. He gives details on his platform in this interview.

2.  Rody DuterteHere is the platform outlined in the Duterte-Cayetano campaign website. I also found a short (1-page) document here. I additionally found this video on federalism as espoused by the candidate, as well as this report on the details of his anti-crime plan.

3.  Grace Poe — Her 20-point agenda can be found here.

4.  Mar RoxasHere is the official summary of the Roxas-Robredo platform of governance, and here is the comprehensive document. The comprehensive document has annexes: one on OFWs, found here, and another on Human Rights, found here. He explains his platform in detail in this interview.

5.  Miriam Santiago — Here is her official Plan of Action.

Below are additional resources:

May we all take time to study these propositions, taking into consideration viability and how these reflect the candidates’ stand on specific issues.

P.S. You may want to check out Pipoll, a quiz site that identifies the candidate you should vote for based SOLELY on platform and stand on issues. I tried it and made quite a discovery 😀


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