Thank God, It’s Monday! -18 April 2016

I actually forgot to write a TGIM post last week! I was up and about very early, had no connectivity all day and was absolutely a goner by the end of last Monday. Then it didn’t feel right anymore to write it the next day. So there you go.

But it (April 11th) had been a very good Monday. I had an opportunity to assist in a work study project that aims to help a government agency improve in its delivery of frontline services. Thank God!

Now it’s another Monday, and it’s bound to be a busy week. I’m excited about the work to be done, the planned (and unplanned) meet-ups, and the writing I need to catch up on over at The Write Project.

Moreover, despite all the negativity around the upcoming national elections — a friend said his Facebook page might just be about to explode — I am still looking forward to exercising my freedom to vote and am continuing to prepare for it by firming up my list. I earnestly believe, and have proven time and again, that emotions gets in the way of rational decision-making, so I’m praying to be as clearheaded as possible as I choose my president, vice president and senators. All the candidates are flawed, as every person is; I just have to decide according to platform, track record, and apparent alignment to my personal values. I say “apparent,” because seriously, who can claim to know the hearts of these aspirants?

Going to other matter that make me thankful today:

  • The hubby and I began the day praying together and recalling a passage we memorized yesterday after the Sunday service: Psalm 1, which establishes the eternal value of God’s word.
  • Life’s a bit cooler for me, after having most of my hair chopped off! I still feel the cut’s not enough, though, as my hair still touches my neck. May have another round at the salon tomorrow.
  • It was lovely to have talked to my family yesterday, although it was a very short conversation. My 3 year-old niece was in a jolly mood, and it was great to learn how she did on her first week in school. Plus, she’s in a Christian school!
  • I did another 3K “fun run” last Saturday though I think I walked more than I ran, because I had a 9-year old niece with me. It was indeed fun, and I was proud that she completed it. It was also a good shared experience with our Tuesday discipleship group as several of us joined the event, and of course we all had tapsilog at Rodic’s afterwards! The run was for a good cause, too, as the proceeds went to the scholarship fund of the UP College of Social Work and Community Development. Lastly, I have no body pains at all today! Haha.


And how’s your Monday? Feel free to write your own TGIM post on your blog or FB page, and comment below with a link to said post. Or, if you wish, post your story/insight straight below.

Have a blessed week!


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