PH Elections 2016: Fact Checks, and a Summary of Stand on Issues

Still in light of my desire to come up with rational decisions for the upcoming national elections, I gathered the links below to pages that have actual information related to statements publicly made by the candidates.

I also found an infograph summarizing each candidate’s official stand on various issues:


I needed to do a fact-check on the above infograph, though. In the April 10th VP debate, all candidates said that they opposed same-sex marriage. Leni Robredo, however, stated that she thinks “government should be open to civil unions.” Here is a link to the video.

As I have earlier said, I am praying to be clearheaded enough to be able to choose my candidates not based on what’s popular, and not as an emotional wreck, but according to platform, track record, and apparent alignment to my personal values. Part 1 of my research is here. May the materials I have been compiling be of some help, no matter how minute, to others who also hope to decide wisely come May 9th.


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