PH Elections 2016: Bahala kayo sa buhay niyo?

With less than a month to go before the national elections, kailangan na ang puspusang fact-checking sa samu’t saring publicity, positive or otherwise, na nakukuha ng mga kandidato natin. This post, which I am merely re-blogging, and the comments under it include links to several reports. My excavation project starts here.

Fight for Mar

A 17-second video was maliciously edited. There’s a longer video (almost 43 min. long) that shows what actually happened in that meeting between Mayor Alfred Romualdez and then DILG Secretary Mar Roxas.

To contextualize the environment:

  • The mayor wanted the National Government to take over.
  • The city government of Tacloban could no longer function.
  • The city council could not be gathered.

Mar asked Mayor Romualdez to sign a letter of consent. Mar was concerned that if the national government took over without the city’s formal consent, it would be misconstrued against President Aquino.

To use Mar’s words:

So, the question is we need to legalize our informal narrations. You cannot pass a resolution. So we need a document that says ‘please take over because we cannot do this…’ x x x With respect to the emergency, we want to legalize our standing here. …what we do can’t be questioned later on.

Mayor Romualdez’s reply was, in…

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