Thank God, It’s Monday! -28 March 2016

Right now it’s still Sunday in some parts of the world. So, Happy Easter!!! 🙂

It’s hard not to be thankful after having celebrated Resurrection Sunday, when we have all been just reminded that we serve a risen Lord. Whatever circumstances we may be in right now, Jesus has already won the victory for us! As He said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

Now that it’s the day after Easter, I am praying that my reflections on the cross and the empty tomb are translated into a renewed hope and a rekindled intent to live purposefully and with an eternal perspective. May I honor God today and always.

There is so much to be accomplished this week and I’m glad I started early today with several errands and an important conversation online with two sisters in Christ. Thank you, Lord, for your call to discipleship and accountability! #LifeConnected indeed. Now I’m praying for energy and guidance as I complete an important work assignment. I smiled at the hubby’s prayer this morning, for God to grant me “brilliance.” He knows exactly what I need: a supernatural gallon of brilliance, yes, please, Lord! 🙂

Now continue working, I must.


And how’s your Monday? Feel free to write your own TGIM post on your blog or FB page, and comment below with a link to said post. Or, if you wish, post your story/insight straight below.

Have a blessed week!

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