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I am thirty-nine years old, and I am intent to resume the search for my inner athlete. Maybe I’ll find it before I reach the big four-zero. I have eleven months.

In the first two decades of my life I basically did nothing, engaged in no sports whatsoever. I was good at board games, and until I was about ten I occasionally played traditional Filipino children’s games such as piko, siato, patintero, Chinese garter, tumbang-preso, langit-lupa, monkey-monkey and nanay-tatay (I’m talking here about the era before the “Screen” colonized kids’ brains). That was it, though, in terms of my physical activities. I couldn’t swim for dear life, couldn’t serve or hit a volleyball, and I didn’t even learn to ride a bike until I was in university.

I had a bit more confidence to try new things when I was in my twenties. I went wall climbing several times on my own, but soon got bored precisely because I was always alone, with just instructors to keep me company. I tried playing badminton occasionally with my then-boyfriend (now hubby) and his friends, but I got intimidated because everyone in the courts seemed so good! I enrolled in a gym, too, but ended up going maybe thrice in the span of a year.

Then I just stopped trying, until the last five years when I made two more attempts at athleticism.

First, I became a martial arts student — and even wrote here about it! I thoroughly enjoyed judo, but this initiative only lasted a little over a year. I just couldn’t keep up with my young, strong, agile classmates (And oh, how I envied them! To be young!).

Second, I started running, and felt I was actually good at it. All my life “good” and “(any attempt I made at sports)” had never been put together in the same sentence, so this was no doubt exceptional. Even the hubby thought my running form was good! Whoa!! Since “discovering my potential” (haha, I’m finding it hard to say this with a straight face) I’ve run so seldom, though, that I’ve never gone past being a beginner.

Maybe this year it will be different. I already signed up for two running events next month, and am hoping to gain enough momentum to take this seriously. Let’s see, let’s see…

Anyway, here are the events I’m joining — if you’re from Manila, maybe you’d like to sign up as well 🙂

Check them out!


4 thoughts on “in here, somewhere

  1. Hi Pia, I think comparing ourselves to others is a dangerous thing. After all, there is always someone who may come along and topple any records we may make. Plus, a lot of times, we compare ourselves to others, and always find ourselves wanting. God never compares us to anyone else, so why should we? Wouldn’t it be great if I would just compare me to me, and you to you? Then, any improvement would be a reason to celebrate, and any decline would be a challenge to try harder. We would never have to feel like a loser, because, after all, we’re only competing with ourselves.

    Many blessings to you, as you enter your races against yourself. May you excel in each one of them and find joy in the process.

    God bless you,


  2. Thank you, Jayson; you may be right. Kasi I’ve always felt I can be excel in many things, except sports talaga! But I can do this, by God’s grace. And whatever the results, I’ll make sure to enjoy the process 🙂


  3. Hi Pia,

    Thank you so much for visiting The Dreamer Writes! Wow, that was a lot of sports that you tried, but I noticed that you keep comparing yourself with others (as opposed to really focusing on finding the motivation from within that will help you keep going.) I may be wrong though.

    I wish you all the best in your races! Finish strong and of course, have FUN!



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