TGIM – Week of July 27th 2015

How it works: Every Monday I will publish a Thank God, It’s Monday (TGIM) post and invite you to do the same–write about a TGIM insight or experience–on your respective blogs/social media accounts. You may share a link to your post at the comments section; then, on my next Monday’s post, I will include the links that you shared so that we can all encourage one another with our happy vibes! Sounds good?

I’m late, I’m late! But it’s still Monday somewhere :-/ So here I’m finishing what I started last night:

It’s been a cold, wet, gloomy day in Manila. People around the country are voicing out emotions ranging from rather pleased to fuming mad, as the President delivered his last State of the Nation Address this afternoon.

I’m declaring that it’s a good day.

The President reported several achievements, omitted a number of big mishaps, got applauded numerous times throughout his address and got heckled by opponents as he stepped off the podium. Prior to the address a clash took place between militant protesters and the police, ending with at least 17 people injured. And the saga of our democracy continues.

I am left with two questions, as I believe most of my countrymen are:

    • What else will be accomplished by this administration in its last 10 months?
    • Who will be our next leader?

I feel anxiety, but not as much as eager anticipation for what God has in store for this land and for our people.

On a personal level, this day was just another day “at the office”: Juggling work with ministry to people I care for. Any day that allows me to do this is indeed a good day.

The past week has been so rich, with wonderful encounters, conversations and lessons through and through. How I look forward to what more is in store this week!


Check out how last Monday was for ladyleemanila and woundstoscars.

Now it’s your turn! Make your own TGIM post on your blog or FB page, and comment below with a link to said post. Or, if you wish, post your story/insight straight below.

Have a blessed week!


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