Tweedle Book Cafe: Book Geek Heaven


Have you noticed how library cafes are starting to mushroom all over the metro? I find this development really cool, not to mention glee-inducing! One particular place has taken the concept very seriously, and I fell in love with it the moment I stepped inside.


Tweedle Book Cafe really feels like a library, with its shelves of well-curated, alphabetically organized books, its mock-catalog-card-boxes, long wooden tables and wooden chairs, and even this!


To add to the book geek’s delight, the place has other special touches, such as a Platform 9 3/4 wall that actually leads to an unexpected section sure to exhilarate certain people (and which I am leaving you to discover); clocks that show you the time in some very famous fictional places; and a ceiling with the names of prominent authors.


Oh, and the food and drinks? I had coffee and lava cake on my first visit, and they were perfect (I paired them with The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by the way). So were the different pasta dishes and the hot chocolate and tea flavors that I’ve tried since then. Mmm, mmmm.


I should tell you I’m making a huge sacrifice publishing this post, as promoting Tweedle Book Cafe translates to allowing more people access to one of my few places of refuge. However it’s really too good not to share, and I’d love to have other book geeks enjoy this little piece of heaven. So please, do check it out, along Scout Gandia Street, Quezon City. I know you’ll enjoy it!

I was here!
I was here!



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