My Facebook “Re-Resolution”

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” they say.

I would venture to add, “…and how it flies even faster when you’re wasting it!”

Sometime ago I made a resolve to limit my Facebook access to 30 minutes a day. I had noticed that I’d been losing precious time scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed — time that could’ve been spent doing my devotions, reading my books, writing, working, having actual conversations with people I care for, sleeping — and that on an almost daily basis, I would fall into this cycle of mindless scrolling, sudden consciousness (due to a stimulus such as an email alert or a phone call) of the time that elapsed, feeling guilty, stopping to do something more productive, and somehow just resuming the mindless scrolling, over and over. I decided that this enslavement had to stop.

And so it did, if only for about a month…Then I had a relapse, and before I knew it I was once again throwing away hours on my newsfeed.

Now I’m taking my resolution to the next level and making it public: a maximum of 30 minutes of Facebook each day. I need to be reminded that there was actually an era in my life in which Facebook did not exist, and it was not even ten years ago. I was fine then.

Here we go.


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