Friday Finds

There’s this writing prompt over at A Daily Rhythm called Friday Finds, which asks contributors to showcase “the books you ‘found’ and added to your To Be Read (TBR) list… whether you found them online, or in a bookstore, or in the library — wherever! (they aren’t necessarily books you purchased).”

pmbokWell my latest Friday Find is quite a geeky one, as I have just purchased a Kindle copy of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition. Yup. I know.

The thing is, I have been managing projects and programs for the last 15 years (oh dear, I am old), and I have actually put together and conducted training on project cycle management (we called it PDIME or Project Development, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation back in the day), but…I myself never formally underwent any such training(!!!).

So I went to Coursera and enrolled in a project management specialization track provided by the University of California, Irvine (UCI) Extension. Upon finishing my first session I decided to get a copy of the PMBOK Guide, which is basically the project management bible, and I have to admit I’m so excited to read it (nerd!). Now I’m starting to think of pursuing a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, though I have to tell myself to take it easy and just complete one step at a time — first this Coursera course, and then, we’ll see.

And that, children, is the story of how my love affair with the PMBOK has started 🙂


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