Still Thankful

I committed a blogging sin.

Twelve days ago I experimented on hosting a blog event, which I called Thankful Thursdays. As I’d like to believe many experiments go, it flopped, receiving a grand total of I blog response (Thanks, Lynai!) and 4 Facebook comments. Worse, I discovered that I wasn’t the first to use Thankful Thursdays as a blog event title/theme, and the original version actually flopped as well. This means I’ll have to think up another event and maybe plan better for it. Nevertheless I should have fulfilled my promise to post last Thursday the responses I had received. It’s Monday now, but here we are…

1. Check out Lynai’s post here.

2. From Facebook, these were the posts (all courtesy of my small group mates at church!):

  • Rhea: I am thankful for the long weekend!
  • Jennifer: I am so thankful that blessings are beginning to pour upon me.
  • Geraldine: I am thankful for God’s provision of helper.
  • Richel: I am thankful for God’s provision for a new job…His provision to have more extra income to support our needs and extend support for my parents.

And that’s how my first-ever blog event came to pass. I thank my friends who participated:-) Now on to the next blogging adventure!


6 thoughts on “Still Thankful

  1. Oh of course, go ahead! One other thing I realized is that you really were the only one who made a Thankful Thursday blog post, which means even I failed to post what I was thankful for! :-\


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