Filipino Fridays 2014 #3: Fan Fiction?

Since I committed to participate faithfully in this year’s Filipino Fridays, I’m posting my “non-piece” on this week’s topic, which asks:

What is your take on fanfiction? Do you read fanfiction, and if you do, what kind of fanfiction do you read? Do you write fanfiction, and why? Or are you against fanfiction? Enlighten us.

So here’s the thing: I’m an absolute fan fiction virgin. Which means rather than to invent an opinion, I will just take this opportunity to be educated by asking anyone who can give me inputs:

  1. Where’s a good place to start getting exposed to fan fiction?
  2. What absolutely wonderful fan fiction would you recommend?

There they are, my questions in response to this week’s questions. Looking forward to learning!



4 thoughts on “Filipino Fridays 2014 #3: Fan Fiction?

  1. This is really not a fan fiction recommendation since I don’t read them anymore. But… Have you read any Rainbow Rowell book? I suggest you read Fangirl. The main character in the book writes fan fiction. You might want to give it a try.


  2. The first place I usually go to for fanfiction stories is Now, what to recommend, well… it depends. Usually, people read fanfiction because they can’t get enough of the characters that they like, or if they want to see something else about these characters that wasn’t done in their original er, writing. Think of what you like to watch. Are you a fan of TV shows like Arrow or Flash or White Collar? Do you like movies like Avengers and want to see more ships of Iron Man and Captain America? That’s where you start looking.


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