Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

In church today, we started studying the life of Joseph, who will be our protagonist for the rest of the year as we complete our year-long journey through the book of Genesis.

The pastor’s message was entitled, “Walk by Faith, Not by Sight,” drawn from 1 Corinthians 5:7 — a verse that I have personally experienced holding tightly onto, and which is particularly relevant to me and my family again now. Joseph’s life joseph(Genesis 37 to 50) epitomizes the heart of this verse: He was, after all, betrayed and sold into slavery at age 17 by his brothers, wrongly accused and imprisoned, until God’s perfect plan was revealed and he became governor of Egypt when he was  40 years old.

Joseph’s story is such an inspiration, but it becomes even more humbling to see in the context of God’s bigger picture — how Joseph’s life plays into the destiny of God’s people as foretold by God himself to Abraham and fulfilled in the time of Joshua — a history of several hundred years.

What are you going through right now that is requiring you to walk by faith, and not by sight? May the message here help you live out a faith unshaken by circumstances and anchored in God’s truth.


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