Can you believe we’re more than halfway through 2014?!

If you’re like me, you probably started this year looking forward to experiencing new things. So let’s have a quick review of the last six months: What distinctly new experiences have you had this year? Was there anything in the last six months that you did for the very first time?

my "masterpiece"I can easily identify two items: This year, I experienced snow for the first time, and I painted, on an actual canvas! I was not particularly ecstatic about the snow as I had been so unprepared for it, arriving in Colorado expecting temperatures upwards of 15 degrees Celsius and therefore getting caught freezing in dainty, knee-length dresses.  As for the painting, those who know me well would understand how that was way out of my comfort zone. Prior to my doing this in a team building activity (and may I just say, what a wonderful, novel idea for team building!) I could be counted on to draw stick men any day, but that was it. Though initially daunting, painting actually proved fun and even therapeutic, plus I thought I did quite decently — Of course the teacher said it was impossible to mess up the kind of painting she taught us to do (really encouraging, she was).

For the rest of this year there is one more ‘first’ that I’m praying to have the willpower and discipline to pursue: To run at least a 10km route successfully. Then maybe in the first half of next year, at least a half marathon. Now that I’ve put it out there maybe I’ll be more committed to doing this. So help me God!

What about you? Feel free to share in the comments section the ‘firsts’ you’ve experienced and are still hoping to experience this year. I remember Ravi Zacharias sharing how an old man once came to him saying, “Do you know what you are doing? You are building your memories. Make them good ones.” We’ll, maybe we can encourage one another in building those memories, yes? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Recently, started a blog which I actually intend to populate, & then made my old blog public. I’d like to spell this year B-O-L-D (-E-R)! Rest of 2014’s first half is full of firsts pala, e.g. El Nido & Cambodia & Vietnam. Saya!


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