Have you heard of child sponsorship?

It’s amazing what Starbucks money can do to change a person’s life.

If you’re in the habit of picking up a latte from your favorite cafe every morning, you may find it interesting that skipping that cup every other day can leave you with enough extra in a month to help a child get an education and live a healthy, productive and purposeful life. Plus, there’s that potential bonus, depending on how much time and effort you’ll be willing to invest in simply writing letters, of cultivating a deep, meaningful relationship with that child. True story.

Please allow this video to inspire you:

Here’s another one:

Come to think of it, maybe you won’t even have to skimp on that daily caffeine fix. Maybe you already do have that little extra to spare.

If you’d like to know more about child sponsorship, you may want to visit the following sites:

Compassion International – Sponsorship FAQs

World Vision – Learn About Sponsorship

There’s also an interesting blog that features stories of both sponsors and sponsored children. Check it out.

Sponsor a child today. You won’t ever regret it.


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