My birthday’s officially over.

I thank God for His faithfulness; for all the lessons learned by His grace, for all the experiences he has allowed me to go through, for all the victories and the failures and the pains, for all the pruning and the nurturing. I thank Him for forgiving me, over and over.

I thank Him for the constancy and power and firmness of His love.

I thank my sovereign God for everything that was, is and will be in my life. I know that not a single day in all my 36 years was wasted, for He is able to put everything in my life including my innumerable blunders to good use, for His purpose.

I thank God for being my enabler, strength-giver, counselor, comforter and healer; for being my One Source of joy and peace that transcends any circumstance.

I thank God for the precious people He has placed in my life; for the divine appointments; for the opportunities to extend to others the love and grace and mercy that I receive ceaselessly from Him.

I can only look forward with breathless anticipation to what He has in store. There’s still so much to learn and so much growing to do!

All by His grace alone.



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