That could’ve gone unnoticed!

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Have you ever tried making a list of blessings you’ve received for the day? You could be in for quite a number of surprises.

I was in the middle of a life crisis some years back when God impressed upon me the need to remember and count my blessings. So one late night, I just up and grabbed a blank notebook, sat on my bed and tried to think of what possible blessings I might have received during that very difficult day.

It probably took me a good five minutes to come up with one (It was a really, really bad day).

Then I tried tracking the details of the last 18 hours: From when I woke up–Hey, I WOKE UP STILL! I was given another day here to do what would please God–till that moment that I sat down staring at my notebook…

And I realized that I received A LOT that day. They were mostly things that I was actually blessed with every single day, but was either too self-involved or melodrama-and-negativity-inclined to notice.

My glass was actually more than half-full. I just had to be still–to taste, to see that in my life, God is always at work!

In the days that followed, I learned that blessings are best recognized and remembered when one takes the time to sit, call them to mind and write them down.  I experienced how invigorating it is to make a conscious effort, daily, to recognize and thank God for all his blessings, big and small. Not only does this exercise fill one with a constant sense of appreciation and gratefulness; it also allows one to have a powerful tool to remind him/her of God’s faithfulness in his/her life.

Recently I came across the online prayer journal and thought of recommending this to people who might want to keep an online chronicle of their daily blessings. Depending on your lifestyle you may prefer just to keep a small, handy notebook, or to record on your iPhone or whatever gadget–it doesn’t really matter; if I may just strongly recommend that you do try, not only counting your blessings in your head, but really listing them down, day after day. I assure you, you’d be amazed and praising God for His amazing sprinkling of grace that otherwise would’ve gone unnoticed!


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