les miz fever


One of my top 5 favorite novels of all time.

My all-time Number One Musical.

Les Misérables


I still vividly remember crying as I read Hugo’s work for the first time, more than twenty years ago.

I remember hanging on to every line as I watched a rented VHS copy of the 10th anniversary Royal Albert Hall concert with “the Dream Cast.” Lea Salonga played Eponine. I was entranced.

I remember singing “On My Own” day in and day out, for years, never tiring of Eponine’s anthem for her Marius.

I remember watching over and over the 1998 film version that starred Liam Neeson, Geoffrey Rush, Uma Thurman and Claire Danes. I made sure all my siblings got to watch it as well.

AND I will never forget watching the production live onstage, realizing only as it ended that I had remained at the edge of my seat for more than two hours straight. Lea Salonga played Fantine. It was the single-most unforgettable show I had ever seen.

Yep, I’m a Les Miz fanatic, in case you haven’t caught on  🙂

So naturally I just cannot wait for this:

Les Miserables 2012 official trailer

It opens in December!

Click here for more on this.



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