what’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

In recent weeks I’ve started producing weekly menu plans in an attempt to: (1) gain better control of our diet and make sure we consume more diabetic-friendly meals; and (2) make our food budget more predictable.

I spent hours looking for the best menu planning template and finally decided on this. It’s a pdf file, so I copied it into MS Word and superimposed a table so I can encode, edit and save. I love this particular format because I am able to assign breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day, as well as list the grocery items I need to produce the meals.

If you haven’t tried menu planning yet, you absolutely must! Below are some of the ways we’ve benefited from this practice:

  1. It has minimized my tendency to impulse-buy at the supermarket.
  2. Since every meal is planned days, or even weeks ahead, I’m able to research,  improvise and innovate recipes.
  3. We’re eating out much less.
  4. No more drumming my fingers half an hour before lunch/dinner time, wondering what on earth to make and finally settling on cookies or Lucky Me Pancit Canton.
  5. No more running to the “talipapa” for a last-minute purchase of ingredients.
  6. Much less wastage as we’re able to maximize even leftovers — for the next day’s baon, or for the week’s designated “leftover day.”
  7. Well-planned meals are rewarded by the hubby’s occasional exclamations of, “Heaven!” 😉
  8. I’m able to save and just keep adding to my menu calendar in one Word file, which means I don’t need to start planning from scratch every single week. Moreover I figure I’ll have enough material in due time to mix and match and just add new recipes once in a while.

I swear it’s worth the effort, so go ahead and try it, now na! 🙂

[Coming soon: Sample recipes — once I get around to taking pictures of the food I serve]


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